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Great News for our United States Customers

The Canadian dollar (which is what all of the prices shown on our website are) has taken a nose dive lately which means that purchasing our products has become significantly cheaper for you. For reference purposes only, you can use XE.com to see the difference between Canadian & US dollar pricing. As an example, a set of our DB3 Blackwood bagpipes sells for $1,425.00 Canadian. As of today (Wednesday Aug 17, 2016) this works out to approximately $1,106.00 USD!!!! Quite a significant savings compared to a couple of years ago when our dollars were at par. Basically, a general tool to determine the USD amount, is to divide the Canadian prices from our site by 1.288. This will give you the approximate USD amount.
J. Dunbar Bagpipe Maker Ltd., established in 1967, is leading the ancient art of bagpipe making into the 21st century.

Jack Dunbar, our founder, worked for Henderson Bagpipes, where he apprenticed in the 1930's. When Jack immigrated to Canada, he had the knowledge of Henderson specs and tooling. His decision was to make his bagpipes in the Henderson tradition, with a few minor tweaks thanks to the knowledgeable input of The Captain, Ken Eller. Dunbar Bagpipes have the same great sound as the traditional Henderson bagpipe.

Our procedures and employees have been in place for years. Jack himself taught most of our employees the skills he perfected while making bagpipes so many years ago in Scotland. All mounts, whether they are imitation ivory, nickel, stainless, etc. are securely threaded into place. We have a wealth of experience not only in making one of the best bagpipes on the planet, but also in repairing and restoring sets from around the world and across the ages. We know bagpipes!

Everything about our bagpipes speaks of quality! There are no short-cuts and no compromises
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