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    Bannatyne Hide/Syn. Bag (with zipper & grommets)

    Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic Bag (with zipper & grommets)

    Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic - Bannatyne Hyde/Synthetic
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    Total Price: CAD$280.00
    This is a two-layered bag - a high-quality synthetic inside layer bonded to a leather external layer. This gives the bag the classic weight and heft of a hide bag with the low maintenance and reliability of synthetic bags. A Ti-Zip zipper is included on the side for easy access to the internals of the bag, and for allowing the bag to dry out between sessions.

    The included Moisture Separator water trap is a long corrugated tube with a bottle enclosing a sponge. The unit attaches to the bottom of your blowpipe stock, and presents no airflow obstruction. An O-Ring and Hose Clamp are included for installation of the chanter stock, however, I recommend a conventional artificial sinew tie-in. Electrical "splicing tape" can be used for the drone and blowpipe stocks if desired, but is not necessary.

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