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Vintage & Used Bagpipes Available

We occasionly come across some "slightly" used Dunbar bagpipes or some older pipes from various makers. Please take a look and if anything interests you, please contact me at rwp@dunbarbagpipes.com

Also, if you have any used sets or are thinking of trading in your Dunbar set for a new one, please contact me to discuss this.



This is a very nice set of approximately 1900 Lawrie bagpipes that we are selling for a friend. This gentleman just purchased a new set of our Dunbar silver and mammoth ivory pipes and wants to find a good home for his old pipes.

Ron Bowen and myself have looked over these pipes and confirm that they are very early Lawrie's. They have had some crack repairs done to them here in our shop and also the stocks are replacements made by us, here at Dunbar's. The original stocks are included as well.

These pipes are nickel and elephant ivory and have been extremely well cared for. I have inspected this bagpipe and see no signs of any problems at all.

He is asking for $3,750.00 Canadian and this price would include a slightly used (only 3 times) L&M Scotian bag.

Please contact me at rwp@dunbarbagpipes.com if you have any questions.


We also have a set of our chalice style P1 bagpipes for sale. These pipes came in on trade as the customer upgraded to a set of our Blackwood pipes. They have been very well cared for and we have gone over the entire set to clean them up. They look virtually brand new. They were originally manufactured about 3 years ago.

We took them in as sticks & stocks but if you would like, we can set them up with a bag, reeds, etc. Also, we can "transform" these in our military style tops, add metal or imitation ivory or flat comb them for you. Contact me for the various options.

The asking price is $500.00 Canadian + shipping for the sticks, stocks & chanter (our EII).

Please contact me at rwp@dunbarbagpipes with any questions.

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